In this day and age, technology allows anyone to produce content, literally every second of every day. The question we set out to answer in the midst of this overpowering attention crisis-How do you capture human engagement for a brand effectively,?

The answer?

Provoke, incite & excite with tech-driven, new age, Badass content.

At Tsunami Studios,

we create tech-led immersive content experiences powered by creative storytelling that does two super dee duper amazing things for you:

Enhances user experience,
creates engagement and therefore impact

Transforms your brand and grows your business



Do you know what happens when you give someone an endless supply of ice cream?


A NEVER-ENDING SUGAR RUSH. Now take the same idea and apply it to us. Our endless supply of ice cream is our limitless creative potential, epic ideas, and a mad-as-a-hatter, downright bonkers team. The sugar rush? A boundless wave of thought-provoking stories, innovative use of tech and content that leaves an impact on your audience.


We believe that today, being different just doesn't cut it, and that’s why our aim is to be better
- to trend, to go viral!